The below information has been distributed to all of our valued customers:

The COVID-19 Pandemic is something that we are all very aware of, we are writing to you today in the hope that we can ensure the health of all our families.

We recommend you read two fact sheets created by the Australian Government Department of Health, they are:

We ask that you are vigilant and ensure that you do not attend care with your child if they are displaying the following symptoms:

  • fever,

  • sore throat,

  • dry cough, and

  • fatigue.


Less common symptoms can include headaches, nasal congestion or a runny nose.  Diarrhea and nausea have also been reported but are even less common.

Symptoms will generally appear three to four days after exposure to the virus but can be up to 14 days later.

For those that are claiming Child Care Subsidy we recommend that you obtain a Medical Certificate if your child is not attending care due to being ill, this will support any application for additional absence days in excess of the standard 42 per year.

We thank you for your support in keeping all those attending Cheeky Pandas Family Day Care healthy.